Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Look at the names on those seed packets! I know a few, but the rest of them??!!

(If you click on the picture it'll enlarge enough to read the labels. Or maybe you have a large monitor, or aren't old and infirm like I am and you can read them they way they show!)

 It's exciting to grow the commonest most familiar plants from seed. These aren't common or usual and I'm really excited about them.

The Potomac Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society had a meeting at the Arboretum a few weeks back and George happened to be working that day. They generously offered the "unclaimed" seed packets from their seed exchange. Brad, George, and I were intrigued by the variety and we're each growing a flat of seed trays. Only a few of them are Asian but there are other gardens: North American Natives can go to Joan in Fern Valley; George can use a few decorative annuals and perennials as accents in the Dogwood Collection; and Brad, with his containers and the Intro Garden can absorb a lot.There's just something exciting about planting seeds, watching them germinate, and growing them into mature flowering plants.

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