Friday, September 7, 2012

Prunus salicina 67714-P

These tasty plums are weighing heavily on the branches of our three trees. There are hundreds of fruit on the ground but nobody seems to want to eat them! Don't we have possums, raccoons, whatever? I know foxes eat them; I've seen the evidence. It just seems odd that so much unutilized food is just out there on the ground waiting to rot.

Wild potato vine, Ipomoea pandurata

I love the way these petals crinkle.

Bidens aristosa, my favorie beggartick, in the Fern Valley Meadow

It's been moving around again. There aren't any more huge colonies, but there are dozens of smaller stands. It makes a nice repetitive accent as you drive through the Arboretum in the early Fall.

It hasn't felt much like early fall yet. We've been soggy and hot all week. Dewpoints in the low to mid- 70's, Temperatures in the high 80's and humidity between 60 and 80%. A cold front tomorrow afternoon is scheduled to blow it all away and leave us with sunny dry days in the mid 70's. That'll be nice.