Friday, January 2, 2009

Flowering today in Wildwood Florida

The red hibiscus, I bought this trip as Hibiscus cannabinus. The leaves don't seem right and the flower is not a typical color, but I will continue to work on its identification. The color does work well with the gaudy foliage of Canna 'Phaison'.

Dietes iridioides, a South African irid, is a common Zone 9 landscape plant in this country. I am not certain why more of these plants (Moraea spp., Geissorhiza spp., Babiana spp., et alia) are not common here, or at least in Southern California. Well, maybe they are out west. Its intoxicating to look through the Timber Press Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs, and Silverhill Seeds sells seeds for a billion (roughly) African plants. I swear this year I'll do it!

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