Wednesday, July 13, 2011

USNA 2011 Intern Project: re-landscaping around the headhouse

I'm excited about this project. The landscaping around the headhouse has been haphazard and sporadic resulting in a disjunct, occasionally interesting collection of unrelated plants arrayed in a boring arrangement. They've considered the architecture of the building (one story 1960's) and come up with a nice plan. It includes a checkerboard arrangement of pavers that'll create spaces for Brad to trial plants. Two gravel beds will reflect the exposed aggregate on the walls of the building. Mulch beds define the ground space for the exiting two trees. All the spaces are rectilinear; they'll resonate much better with the building's architecture than serpentine borders.

And it does my heart good to see college students performing manual labor. Hey I made that choice; it's encouraging to know that educated young people might also find a bit of labor an acceptable part of life!

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