Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Asplenium ceterach, Rustyback Fern

I love this fern; it's leaves are thick and feel woody. I'd never even heard up it until I read the label on this plant when it turned up in the Asian Collections holdings a couple years ago. It's a product of Stefan's collections in Azerbaijan. A little research tells me that it's a xeric fern often growing on carbonate rocks in a range that includes much of Europe, North Africa, and extending into Asia. Growing on dry rock outcrops and stone walls, it apparently has the ability to dessicate, sit apparently dead for long periods of time, and revivify unharmed when moisture reappears. Just like Polypodium polypodioides, the Resurrection Fern, that grows on the branches of the Live Oaks in our Florida garden. It doesn't need moist well drained loam and a humid shady location. That's my kind of fern.

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