Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As a general rule I don't tell people what to do or what websites to visit, but here's a "must read" blog

I don't want to sound arrogant but I have to be honest. (good sentence huh? funny) I rarely read anything about gardens, gardening, or design that I don't know, haven't read, or haven't heard before. I've been in this field for over 40 years; I grow plants, read about plants, photograph plants, write about plants, schedule vacations and trips to see gardens or interesting habitats, garden obsessively, and I've designed over 1,000 gardens.

When I see there's a new post on Thomas Rainer's Blog, I get excited.... I've yet to be disappointed.Grounded Design: musings on the form, meaning, and expression of designed landscapes.

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Unknown said...


Wow, thanks for the wonderful endorsement. Especially coming from a giant in the field like you. Keep up the great writing and gardening.

Thomas Rainer