Monday, September 28, 2009

Fern Valley Sunny Cultivar Bed is taking shape...Joan was transferring design to terrain today

This project has been slow developing; I did the design more than a year ago, but there is a good aspect to this. Letting the plot lie fallow has allowed us herbicidally kill the weeds, wait for more germination, kill them again.... The weed seed bank has to have been significantly depleted. I think tilling happened somewhere in there so that we could bring up buried seeds, allow them to germinate, and then poison them. Should make weeding much less of a chore when the bed is planted.

It ought to be a fun bed. Sunny cultivars are generally heat-loving, summer -lowering Often boldly colored good sized plants. None of that dainty subtlety of the woodland ephemerals. Some of these will top 8 feet in height.

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