Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lonicera fragrantissima: I just noticed it was flowering yesterday

Today it's encased in ice. Usually it doesn't flower much till the end of February. I've alluded to the fact that this winter has been congenial towards "winter flowering" plants. Since it barely froze last night and forecasts call for a bit warmer tonight then even warmer, it may be flowering for a few weeks. This winter has been what I like to consider to be/wish was typical for us, though it's really warmer than average. I suppose I oughtn't talk like this; the universe will throw a sub-zero blizzard our way.


rocky said...

one of my favorite Henry Mitchell comments: "L. fragrantissima isn't all THAT fragrant" (my caps...)

ChrisU said...

That's is that fragrant though. I guess it's a matter of whether you like it or not.