Saturday, January 21, 2012

The weather forecasts were spot on.....again

It's amazing how accurate they've gotten over the last 10 years. This week they called for an inch or so of snow followed by freezing rain and then temps a bit above freezing. Nailed it!

The Monkey-puzzle and the Sabal palmetto dislike this weather as much, probably more, than I do. They've both been in the ground for over five years so I'm not worried about them but neither comes from an area with a lot of cold weather or snow. The picture doesn't show how short both are; The Auricaria isunder three feet tall and the Sabal a bit shorter. I suppose I should count my blessings. If the Monkey-puzzle were to attain any size, it would attack anyone walking up the steps and block the view from the living room window. When I planted it I had thoughts of moving it when it got 4-5 feet tall but hey, maybe it'll never grow. Otherwise I'll coppice every couple of years and see how it goes.

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