Thursday, January 19, 2012

George wrestles a branch into the air and feeds it into the chipper

Today was a big day for those of us who garden at the US National Arboretum. Our Facilities Unit has repaired the big chipper and agreed to bring it out every two weeks to chip the debris that we produce and haul to the road. This may not seem like a big deal on first hearing, but for quite a few years we've had to cut our debris into ~8 foot lengths, load it onto our little trucks, and drive it to our recycling area. That was not an efficient use of time, or vehicles, or even folding saws, so we're all loving the rebirth of the chipper.

I remember when the it was new in 1991; so does Chris (watching George in the picture), one of the other Chris's, one that's not me. He was there twenty years ago. It, the chipper, was very impressive in it's youth, big, loud, yellow, new.  According to its specs, it would take branches up to 10" in diameter. That only worked if they were dead straight, which meant it could chip a telephone pole. I think it could have back then. It's not as strong now, but it did chip everything we needed it to. That's a good thing.


MulchMaid said...

Cutting and hauling brushy waste is such work. Yay for the repaired chipper!

Just remember to use that hearing and eye protection (Chris is providing a good example.)

ChrisU said...

You're right about that. George actually wears safety glasses and has ear plugs in.