Monday, January 23, 2012

Phyllostachys edulis seed are germinating. I only planted them two weeks ago

I've never germinated bamboo seeds or, for that matter, even seen the seedlings. Hey they don't set seed very frequently. And when they do they die. I spent an hour or so cleaning the seed two weeks ago and now here it comes. The seedlings look like little bamboo plants. Can't you just imagine them 80 feet tall?

A friend of Scott sent these seeds to us....and we are working on our bamboo collection. The seeds are from a cooler part of the range of P. edulis and so we hope that between global warming and the provenance of these seeds, we'll be able to grow it to 25m and 18cm diameter. That would be some serious bamboo. We'll have to "enclose" it, but not for a while.


MulchMaid said...

Bamboo seeds? Where do they form on the plant? (Oh, wait, the grass flowers and the plant I remember.)

Michael said...

Hi, I'm growing Moso in the DC area as well. I have some picture at