Friday, April 8, 2011

Okay, it's not official for another 5 hours but it seems like we may not be back to work on Monday. If it happens there'll be Collateral Damage

Inevitably it's a part of war, even budget war. This isn't a good time for us to be out of the gardens. There probably isn't a good time but if there was, it wouldn't be spring. It isn't just the mulching we won't be able to do until summer; that'll be okay, just a lot more difficult at 90F than 70F. And it isn't even just the weeds we won't be able to pull. Yes, they'll go to seed and we'll lose all the progress we've made in China Valley over the last three years. We'll be able to address them when we return. It'll just be more work. And it isn't the planting or transplanting, because we've done most of that.

The fact is, most of us live, and garden, for this season. Yes, fall is wonderful and summer glorious, but it's about the rebirth. Summer's heat drains our energy, the exhilaration of fall renews us for a bit, then the cold, short, dormant days of winter try our souls. We depend on spring to renew us and now it looks like we may lose it. The consolation is that, if we are shut down for a bit , we'll all be able to spend time in our own gardens that we normally wouldn't be able to. Actually, If we do close down, I'll have the opportunity to work for my wife and with my sons gardening so It's kind of a win win for me.

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