Friday, April 8, 2011

Camellia 'Black Magic', Camellia 'Sweet Jane'....more interesting cultivars from Camellia Forest

These are two plants that came in last spring from Camellia Forest Nursery. We thought they were a bit small to plant out into the collection, so they spent last year in a bed under lath. They're both "unusual" plants. 'Black Magic' is a japonica with an upright habit, exaggerated leaf serration, and these curious flowers. Black-red, they remind me of Camellia x 'Night Rider' both the dark color and the fruit roll-up texture of the petals. I find it's generally considered a Zone 7b or 8. It sailed through last winter which had prolonged cold but no temps below 10F.

The plant in the bottom photo is Camellia x 'Sweet Jane', a miniature, hybridized in Australia by Ray Garnett. It's also an upright grower that I find has won a number of awards at recent shows. Its parents are listed as Camellia japonica 'Edith Linton' and Camellia transnokoensis. The picture doesn't convey adequately the perfect form of the flowers but does hint at the exquisite shading from white to pink both in the petals and the flowers.

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