Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's April again so we have the Ikebana International Exhibition staged by the Washington DC Chapter at the USNA Bonsai & Penjing Museum

It's the dimensionality of the arrangements that affects me the most. The purity of line is refreshing, the colors and textures of the materials inviting, but it's the precisely balanced arrangement of the parts that holds me. I feel like there ought to be a designated viewing spot to view from, or maybe a path that I ought to walk but then how fast should I go? Am I the right height. I frequently photograph an arrangement from the same spot but from different height. A few inches makes a big difference. (Imagine a paragraph break here; Blogspot wo9n't allow me to create one today so just pretend) I take not so many photographs with people. It's not my strong suit. And I delete ruthlessly any image that I feel might not please the subject. Well....I've noticed over the years, that it's very easy to photograph people doing ikebana or kusamono. There seem to be fewer awkward poses and not so many odd expressions. I'm not certain what to conclude or if there are any legitimate conclusions to be drawn but I think there are. I feel as though the grace and style that are expressed in the arrangements are an externalization of those same characteristics that exist in the artist. That idea suggests a happy harmony, a connection between self and process that seems like a good thing.

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Ficurinia said...

Those are gorgeous and so well done!