Saturday, April 9, 2011

I went to the Beltsville Garden Club Sale: Globularia repens, G. meridionalis, Penstemon kunthii, and Louisiana iris 'Black Gamecock'

It;s like an addiction, this craving for new plants. These are all from Mike Bordelon. I've never grown Globularias but they ought to work well in the hot front garden; I know they like drainage. I almost think that if they live at all, they'll spread.....enthusiastically. Penstemon kunthii I've had before but not for more than a year or so. I'm psyched because it's my favorite kind of plant, a xeric sub-shrub that likes heat. I'm afraid though, that it likes more mineralization than we have. Maybe mix a little clay into the sand? Anyway It'll be fun to try it again. 'Black Gamecock' is a beautiful Louisiana Iris; it's very dark purple, one of the few I might recognize.

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