Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I had a hellebory morning

After two winter days, the warm weather has resumed. I took the opportunity to shuffle some Hellebores around. All I did with the top plants was admire them. They're Amy's and will be planted somewhere in the Bonsai compound. I really like them. The flowers point up which isn't typical. And the color is good. It's Helleborus x ballardiae 'Pink Frost' out of Germany from Josef Heuger. It's another H. niger x lividus cross. That seems to be a good combination.

Anyway, after admiring them in the lath house, I moved down a little to check out 6 plants of USNA 59554 H that Scott saved from a renovation of part of the Herb Garden. They were acquired by Skip March in 1987 as part of the UK Elite Plants Program. Scott moved them to the lath house and I snatched them up today and planted them near the sign for the Camellia Collection. We've already got some hellebores going in that collection. They seem to work with the camellias.

Finally, to finish off the morning, I dug some small divisions of Helleborus thibetanus from one bed in the Japanese Woodland and moved them across the path where they are more visible and less likely to be eaten by pachysandra. When I logged the changes into our database, I noticed that Joe had already mapped them to our new more accurate coordinates. I didn't work with him and neither did Carole, so he must have done it on his own. Wow. I'm impressed. A couple of years and they won't even need me anymore!

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