Monday, January 31, 2011

Helleborus x 'Pink Frost' from Heuger Gartenbaubetrieb

Larry (from facilities) found me this morning while looking for someone to move plants in Polyhouse 8 so they (facilities) could replace a non-functioning Modine (heater). George and I went back and shifted enough plants to allow for the repair. While I was looking for space, I noticed a flat of Hellebores, one of those random groups of plants Brad had picked up somewhere. He does find some good stuff. One was flowering and caught my attention; the flowers were white suffused with a warmish pink and streaked faintly from the center, with green. And, while they weren't upturned, they pointed out. The plants, sans flowers, are beautiful too; the leaves are streakily variegated suggesting some Helleborus lividus in the mix and the petioles are a wonderful dark red. Wow. I love this plant.

Now for confession. I used to be obsessed with Hellebores but something happened. I still admire them and appreciate them for their unseasonable flowers, but.....Many have foliage that turns nasty either in the cold of winter, or just as they're flowering in the spring. And most of the flowers nod and so are difficult to properly appreciate. To top it off, frankly I think I was overwhelmed by the explosion of cultivars. The doubles don't work for me and while the spotties and the picotees are incredible I think enough was enough. I pretty much gave up on all the "orientalis" hybrids, contenting myself with the Christmas Rose, H. niger.

Well, this one has just about got me back in the fold. I've got to have it! And it's available everywhere from Plant Delights to Digging Dog. Heuger Gartenbaubetrieb is repped by Yoder Brothers in the US.

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