Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) and Zygopetalum x flowering in the Greenhouse

All dressed up and nowhere to go. These plants normally go on display in the Administration Building, but since it's temporary out of commission..... Actually Brad works a few into the temporary building where our visitor services are housed. It's nice to see things flowering when we're tending our plants so I'm not complaining.


newbeginings said...

awww so not that many people are seeing those lovely plants :( what a shome , but at leat i get to see them thanks for posting this it was inspiring -especially scince i have to take pictures of flowers in my photography class that i wasnt so excited about but now i see there are interesting flowers i just have to look ! --julie :)

MulchMaid said...

Nice to see the name "Hippeastrum" being used. I had never heard it before I went to Australia. Gardeners grow them outdoors in the soil in Brisbane (and elsewhere.) After seeing them only as potted plants at Christmas for so many years, I was amazed.