Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hamamelis 'Jelena' and Galanthus who knows what

I'm sure somebody does, but I don't. I have a handle on a number of our taxa but not this one.

It's interesting what happens when time passes. This clump, one of many, derived originally from one bulb. We were given a handful of snowdrops shortly after moving into this house (~26 years ago) and I planted them in half a dozen clumps in the front garden because there were no back gardens to speak of. The topography of the back yard, or 80% of it is different than it was when we moved in. Anyway at some point I dug a couple of the clumps in the front beds, divided them, and planted individual bulbs around the back garden. Maybe that was 15 years ago. Over the years the bulbs have reproduced so that in late winter or early spring there they are. I don't imagine I'll divide them again. Not sure if it's because I really don't need any more clumps or because I'm lazy.

The winter continues to be disturbingly warm; the temperature today almost reached 60F. Missed it by a degree. It felt like summer in the sun and I worked in the garden for short periods most of the day. Did a lot of cutbacks, some pruning, some musing. I've never seen lamb's ears foliage persist through the winter, our Acanthus mollis (20? years old) has never had foliage last to spring, Tetrapanax has green leaves at its apex, and on and on. Despite having had a few short shots of cold weather, a day or two or three, this has been, functionally, the warmest winter I can remember. I'm tired of writing it so you must be tired of reading it, but I can't help myself.

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