Thursday, February 16, 2012

It was a dry, er, gentle rain and it didn't stop this tree planting

I walked outside the headhouse after lunch and found these three guys, Chris, Brad, and David, planting a lovely specimen of our latest flowering Cherry introduction. It's the first of a triangle of three that will eventually beautify this island. I find nothing on line in reference to this cultivar so I'm probably not supposed to identify it by name. I do know it's a cross between Prunus campanulata and P. x yedoensis (I think) and the flowers are soft pink and huge (I know). I'd probably have to kill you if I told you the name and then someone would have to kill me....

I suppose I can say, re the history of the Tidal Basin Cherries, that in 1909 Helen Taft, the first lady, applied her attention and influence to a, heretofore private, scheme to bring Japanese Cherries to Washington. Eventually, after a few setbacks, these machinations led to a large donation of trees from the city of Tokyo to the United States. The survivors from this donation constitute the bulk of the famous Tidal Basin Cherry display. p.s. our last cherry release was "First Lady" and the tree is not named Tokyo

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