Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rubus cockburnianus 'Goldenvale'.....Day three of Gaudy Yellow Foliage Week

I love this plant; it's everything I know is wrong about yellow but it feels so right.... The color in the top picture is correct.....I swear. It's difficult to get color values right with this much color in the sun. I'm sorry. The bottom picture shows the form of the plant accurately. It's a typical Rubus. Ours is rooting at the tips which produces an attractive carpeting effect, but scares the hell out of me because,'s a Rubus. If we turn our backs it'll own the garden. So we're going to remove the rooted tips tomorrow as part of our group project.

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goldnbleueagle said...

Very cool plant! I've wanted one ever since I first saw a picture of it. That's nothing new. I want every plant I see, but 'Goldenvale' is quite the charmer. I look forward to the rest of "Gaudy Yellow Foliage Week."