Friday, May 13, 2011

Pittosporum sp. we don't know what it is but we know it's hardy to below 0 F

We obtained it from North Carolina State University, doubtless an acquisition of J C Raulson. It has those pleasant little yellow flowers with a wonderful fragrance. Pittosporum tobira, is I guess the commonest of the genus but it can only be grown here with microclimates and magic. We just received Pittosporum parvilimbum and P. illicioides 'Strappy' from Cistus Nursery. The former looks a bit like our plant. Anyway, I always say, you can't have enough fragrant shade evergreens.

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MulchMaid said...

Hardy to below 0 F? I don't know pittosporum well but have been hearing lately of Pittosporum tobira 'Tall and Tough". Sounds like it has no fragrance, though, so what's the point? Hard to believe you're buying from my part of the world. Then again, Cistus is one of the best!