Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Keeping it real" trailer park style: Go Bristol!

I watched Dancing with the Stars last night, a reality show on which couples, made up of one professional dancer and one celebrity, compete in an elimination format. Last night's show was the finale nnd I was motivated to watch by news reports that suggested, or maybe I inferred, that a vote for Bristol Palin, daughter of ex-vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was not so much a vote for Bristol, as a vote against the President and Nancy Pelosi.... I was curiousl

Additionally, another of the finalists, Jennifer Grey, was an actress who, as a young woman, had starred in one of my wife's favorite movies; I've seen Dirty Dancing....well lets just say more than a few times. It's difficult not to like Jennifer Grey in the movie and that's how most of America thinks of her. Since the new stories suggested that she was the superior dancer and a sympathetic character I was curious to see if she could lose because of....right -wing activism??? She did not.

I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the introductions beczuse I missed Bristol telling the world that she'd love to win because it would be (I don't have the exact quote, but this is close) "a fat finger in the face of all those people who hate my mother and who hate me." Wow!

I think there's a bit of transference going on here, hatred is the coin of the realm of the right, not the left. Our, the left's, big weakness is intellectual dispassion. If we feel an inappropriate emotion in regards to you Bristol, it's probably condescension. Anyway I apologize for a non plant or garden post but I had to do it!

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