Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hemerocallis dumortieri var. dumortieri.....a very early flowering daylily flowering very late!

This picture is less than spectacular because I didn't come upon the plant until late afternoon; it was already getting dark and the rain added to the gloom so... Anyway a couple of plants had 8 flowers open and the fragrance was strong enough to smell without bending over.

One of the good things about gardening in this area are the winter fragrances. It isn't quite winter yet, but there's a lot to smell. Osmanthus heerophyllus is still flowering and still wonderful, some varieties of Camellia sasanqua have a good bouquet, Viburnum Chesapeake' is covered with flowers and smells heavenly, and even the weeping Cercidiphyllum is still emanating that spun sugar aroma that ought not to be agreeable, but is.

Because our climate is so mild various winter fragrant trees, like Prunus mume, and shrubs, for example, Chimonanthus praecox will flower some time before spring. Last year we had some cold days early, they were vernalized, and began flowering before Christmas. This year we may have to pay for this extended warmth by waiting longer for the Chimonanthus. Oh well.

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