Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toadlily, Actaea japonica, Zingiber 'Dancing Crane': three nice plants on the path from the road to the Pagoda

Starting at the "Asian Valley" sign on Hickey Hill Road, in the corner to your right and growing around the rock, is a large colony of Toadlily, Tricyrtis x 'Miyazaki'. In my experience, it is unusual to see so many heavy sprays; Yes, the complexity of the flowers do put one in mind of an orchid but they're in the Liliaceae. It's been a good year for Toadlilies generally; the heat and a bit of late season drought have scorched and yellowed a few leaves, but the flowers are wonderful.

Continue down the path to where it meets the path coming from the GCA Circle (visible to the left), bears right, and continues to the Pagoda. Look across the trail before you head right and you'll see plants of Cimicifuga japonica. Actually I imagine it's Actaea japonica now but it's the same plant by any name. Multiple white bottle-brush racemes provide a bit of structure in the tumult that is autumn.

Continuing towards the Pagoda walk until you see three clumps of bamboo on your right. Look a bit uphill and you'll see Zingiber mioga 'Dancing Crane'. Right now it's in a good bit of sun, but this plant will grow well in reasonably light shade and provide a bit of an architectural bright spot.

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