Thursday, October 7, 2010

Joan discovered these curiously colored empty eggs this morning along the road at the bottom of Fern Valley

Okay, I took at least twenty pictures of these odd eggs (most of them at lunch when as Joan brought the leaf to the headhouse) because in the right light they truly seemed made of burnished copper. I got a lot of different effects from different lighting and  one or two of them hint at the beauty of what we saw with our eyes. Still, you really had to have been there. (You can click the individual pictures to enlarge them)


Anonymous said...

Wow - like amber! Any idea what they are?

ChrisU said...

Not a clue! They are pretty though.

Lisa Grace said...

We found the same thing on the underside of a leaf fallen from our magnolia tree. It's late December here in Pasco County, FL.Ours are tiny, not sure if the hatched (I need better reading glasses), so we've put the leaf in a jar outside for now.
If anyone knows what they are, please message me at