Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Haven't been in the Herb Garden for a's still got some good stuff

Castor bean used  to be one of my favorite plants and I still love it, particularly this red-leafed form. I don't grow it anymore, ricin and all, but was happy to see it today. Mexican Bush Sage, Salvia leucantha, has always been a favorite plant of mine. Anything the flowers in October is good and the color is great. As if that weren't enough, it is one of the strongest performing perennials in the Florida garden. Drought doesn't faze it a bit. Jeanette is cleaning Sorghum and suggested that the gourd may be from the "Lunch Lady" seed mix. Apparently they all have in common the fact that they're warty. This one's pear shaped and pasty too. Oh my, I'm sorry. Another Salvia and a view of the Columns out the back of the garden.

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