Friday, October 8, 2010

Morning sunlight is concentrated in the flowers of Muhlenbergia capillaris....A wonderful morning, prologue to a spectacular day

The weather was perfect today. From 50F, the temperature gradually rose to almost 80 with no humidity and just enough cloud cover to be decorative. Forecasts suggest things will continue like this through the three day weekend. If you have a chance to come out to the Arboretum go for it. The orchid show is great, the gardens are idyllic, and the weather will continue to be perfect.

The seasonal containers and plantings have grown enough to realize the design intentions of their architect. There's always a bittersweet element to tropical plantings in the fall; we know that though they're reaching their peak, the end is in sight.  Like Housman's athlete though, at least they will go out in their prime. If that's any consolation.

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