Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iris x Abbeyville Red ? isn't visible in this picture, but will look great here next year

Until this week, my experience with Louisiana Iris consisted of a vague theoretical awareness that there was a hybrid complex of southern species Iris that loved/tolerated? moisture and at least superficially resembled Iris ensete cultivars. This past Monday as I wandered through Webster Flea Market, I came upon a vendor I've had a long rerm relationship with and he had twenty pots or so of spectacular Iris. I assumed they were Louisiana cultivars and, while for the most part the Florida garden is dry, there are a couple of dampish areas. One of these spots, on the low  side of the property at the end of a downspout, is populated by a mixed planting of Canna 'Phaison' (Tropicana) and Hedychium coronarium. One of the irises was a spectacular velvety tawny red that belonged next to the Canna so I bought it and planted a piece of it amongst the Cannas. Unfortunately I didn't photograph the flower right away and never got another good opportunity.

A little online research suggested to me that the Iris likely has Iris nelsonii, or Abbeyville Red in its direct line of descent. I'm looking forward to next year where I'll see either flowers on this small piece I pulled off and planted, or on the larger part of the plant that I'm bringing home to Adelphi. Win win.

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Patrick O'Connor said...

Hi. I will be interested to see the picture of your red iris next year. It could have I. fulva in its background also. If you are interested in the Louisiana iris species, take a look at this:

I am interested in the native irises of Florida that are in the Louisiana iris series. I think way less is known about them than people realize.