Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bulbine sp. ...I've put a few Bulbines in; they take cold and drought well and flower a lot

This Bulbine apparently came through the winter unscathed though it could have just grown back quickly. I added a few succulents last summer including three different Bulbines and an Echevereia 'Topsy Turvy'. The Echeveria also came through undamaged and though it hasn't grow appreciably, I can see by many small side shoots that it's going to be a good sized clump by summer's end.

This trip I put a couple of upland columnar Cacti in the open garden. Oreocereus celsiana and Espostoa melanostele. Respectively Old-man-of-the Andes, and Peruvian Old Lady. They will likely be happy until winter and even then temperature won't be the issue with these high elevation cacti. If the soil stays dry, all will be well; otherwise I don't know. They're both small plants so, come December, I may just move them under the overhang of the screen porch to ensure they won't have wet feet. Maybe after a couple of years of growth they would stand a better chance of wintering outside. Since it's only just May I've got 7 month to think about it!

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