Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lilium maculatum...the label says. That bud will open tomorrow but I sort of like the hairiness of the whole thing

 You don't see too many tomentose Lilium buds, and I missed this one last year. It's hidden along the top of China Valley next to the Pinus henryi. I didn't look it up in BG-Base because....well because I was on my way home. It does list C. Howick as the source. Sounds vaguely familiar??? I'll add some data and a picture of the open flower tomorrow.

5/7/10      Here's the flower as promised. The plant was grown from seed wild collected in Japan  Hokkaido: Hookaido Prefecture: Shimauta: Kudo district, Setana/~5, in a field by the coast at Shimauta in 1990.

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