Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Except for the 28" of snow that fell Friday and Saturday, Sunday was a beautiful day

The problem was, my parents were among the 140,000+ who lost power during the storm. Both are over 80 so we thought maybe one sub-20F night was enough and set out on what was, in retrospect, an unnecessary "rescue mission". I made Max drive because...well, he has better reflexes than I do, better vision than I do, and is generally more level-headed than I am.  I do have more experience driving in snow, but not driving was the right decision. We headed out naively and optimistically, without 4-wheel drive into streets like this. Divine providence with us, we made it both ways eventually bringing  Mom and Dad back to our house, power, heat, and the good things that go along with them.
We stopped at a grocery store on the way out and loaded up. The meat and produce are in bags in the snow. Of course the power came on in my parent's house a few hours after we made it back to Adelphi. Still...three days after the storm there are apparently whole sub-divisions still in the cold and the dark. Knowing they were there in the cold was spoiling ta wonderful storm for my sister so we had to do it.

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