Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Safeway had not so much food, but plenty of flowers

Odds and ends of produce, a ham or two, lots of frozen shrimp, and not so much milk. Fool me once....everyone who could get out today hit the grocery stores to prepare for another 10-20 inches of snow. Funny winter.
Good for Safeway; this week any flowers are good flowers. There must have been at least 30 Cymbidiums, over 100 Phalaenopsis, dozens of florist Hydrangeas, Cyclamens, Hyacinths and loads of cut flowers; it was a pleasant few minutes before heading out into the wasteland.


Josh & Kandice said...

Wow. Those flowers are beautiful. I did go out before the storm hit and tried to stock up on some things. It wasnt that empty when I was there, though. Wow. I'm loving the snow, though. So pretty. Haha.


ChrisU said...

Most of the store wasn't that empty. There was plenty of bread, fish, non-sale meat, and there was even milk. It seems like the "weekly specials" in meat were all gone and I guess the supply chain for produce is more tenuous than it is for other types of food???