Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here's the thing, it's never snowed this much here before

Okay, I know...enough snow. Still we don't often, actually we never have this much snow. This morning it looks to be a bit over 20 inches and we're expecting another 4-8. I shoveled out the front door about midnight. Did it again this morning and a path to the back of the deck so I could better survey the destruction and beauty. I don't care what happens to the bamboo; actually snow enhances it, permanently forming it into an arching tunnel over the path. The 'Sky Pencil' Japanese holly given to me by Gene Eisenbeiss thats gone from a nice 10 foot tall spire to that splayed curiosity in the right foreground....that may require work. I suppose I ought to have done some prophylactic staking and tieing, but hey, worst case scenario I cut it to 2-3 feet and it starts over. George was collecting chainlock last week and I know they worked on some of the fastigiate specimens in the Gotelli Collection. Snow does set the confiers off nicely if it doesn't break them off.


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ChrisU said...

Hey Justin,

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