Monday, June 8, 2009

Family kidding!...It's nice to know God has the same sense of humor I do

Finally got a new camera, the headache is gone, and I'm back in the game. Look what the powers that be chose for my first photograph on the new camera. Wow.

My sons called me a few weeks ago and described this fungus to me over the phone; they were working and their client was worried about the Stinkhorns growing in their mulched bed (and they do stink). I asked Max what he thought they looked like and the alliterative two word phrase he responded with was a literal translation of what I had learned as the scientific name of this fungus when I was a boy. But I'm not going to provide either here.

The camera is another Canon. I like them and they use AA batteries, not rechargeables which just don't work for me. It is much like it's predecessor but lighter, more powerful, and lacking the fold-out viewing screen that allowed me to lay the camera on the ground and still see the image. Still, it will be good. We have gone a good ways towards acclimating to each other and the rest of the week will be only better!

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