Thursday, June 11, 2009

Excuse the photograph, but I watched 5 goldfinches bathing in the stream below the large bridge in Fern Valley

It was pretty cool. They were just underneath me. As soon as I got the camera out they flew up into these dead Hemlock limbs. I just have this 4x (one more than the last camera!) zoom but the point is that this is a place that birds do bathe. I've seen others here before. The water didn't seem a whole lot higher than usual despite all the rain. It does slow in summer, but the flow in spring and fall is usually fairly consistent. Birds like 1-<2" and seem, in my experience, to prefer gravel bottoms. Thats what we have here. I'll try to get by here more often in the afternoons; maybe there'll be other species: bluebirds or indigo buntings would be nice.

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