Friday, June 5, 2009

Davidia, Hydrangeas, Katsura, Acer griseum, et alia

It has been raining forever, or at least it seems that way. Most of the plants are loving it. I think the staff is split with most of us grateful that the water table is fully charged and we haven't had to water yet. Weed growth has surely been stimulated and accelerated and there have been washouts, but the weeds can be dealt with as can the washouts.

These are pictures of the front of the Asian Collections at the USNA. We called that small island bed in the lower picture the "Korean Triangle" in the early 90s. Now it's KO. I remember, oddly, a number of plants that were there: Patrinia, Peucedanum, Lychnis cognata, Vitex rotundifolia, and Mugwort. Lots of Mugwort. I spent a good deal of time digging and poisoning Mugwort. The plants are more interesting now and the design....well, this bed is well laid out and there wasn't really a design before.

PS Though my eyesight is not good, I am aware of the problem in the second photo; my camera, a Canon Power Shot A95 has served me long and well, three plus years by my count. Spending every day in my pocket must have been a tough experience and it is time to replace her. Actually her viewing screen died a week ago. It is a sad time, but we will soldier on.

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