Monday, June 1, 2009

Rhus coriaria golden form from of the interesting plants from Stefan and Martin's trip

The Azerbaijani plants are growing and they are being assigned to various collections for planting out. Herb Garden, Intro Garden, and us, the Asian Collections. I am still excited about these plants and this is one of the most exciting. Rhus typhina 'Tiger's Eye' is a golden Sumac that had everyone talking when it came out 5? years ago. This is another golden Sumac with red petioles and twigs. Maybe we're showing favoritism but it seems like this unnamed seedling has a bit richer color, more towards gold less towards yellow. Theoretically this plant is smaller than Rhus typhina so that might be good. Historically the shoots and bark have been used for tanning leather and the fruits as a condiment for seasoning meat. Apparently both Martin and Stefan enjoyed the latter use!

I am not a person to shy away from the less subtle effects in a garden and was happy to see a half a dozen? 'Tiger Eye' Sumacs in one of our greenhouses waiting for Brad to plant them out. We put one in my sister Val's garden and they're loving it!

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