Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pavonia multiflora?, P. x Gledhillii?, Triplochlamys multiflora?, or Brazilian Candles

this must be where they get the wax....just kidding. I bought this plant at the Philadelphia Flower Show this spring. I don't remember ever seeing it before, though a little online research suggests that it's maybe uncommon but not rare in the warmer parts of the world. It's mostly labelled a USDA Zone 10 so I probably can't grow it even in the Florida garden, but I love the color of the bracts, the stamens, and the complex architecture of the flowers so I'll keep it a few years here as a house plant. Currently it's living in a large mixed bowl on the front deck and seems happy. I couldn't wait for the flowers to expand so I dissected this one, vivisected actually, to see the colorful private parts.

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