Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Iris ensata 'Ashton's Dawn' ....Japanese iris continue to be the stars of the garden

I photographed this today and it makes sense to me that a plant that has this tiny hint of pink suffusing white petals might have been named 'Ashton's Dawn'. The Ashton part I get because Dr. Ackerman, the breeder who produced and named it, lived in Ashton, Maryland. The dawn seems self evident. The only problem is that I find no reference to the selection online save a flickr photo from the Arboretum that bears no resemblance to this plant? More research is required.

Apropos of nothing, I just  realized today, that I'm still in love with plants. I always have been, only I forget from time to time. Life distracts me. Age, arthritis, work....there are so many distractions. I love my family and my various gardens, but it's about the plants. They're miracles of color, texture, structure, form....and there are endless numbers of them. And they change daily and yearly. And they grow.

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