Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today was volunteer day in the Asian Collections (this is the entrance to the Cryptomeria Walk?)

we had eight volunteers and the did a ridiculous amount of work. Heading in at the end of the day, I noticed volunteers at the entrance to the Bonsai Penjing compound. Richard Winchester was working on the Acer palmatum 'Goshiki kotohime'. He has a long range plan for developing the tree. Gardening requires both faith and patience. Oh yeah, time, it requires time.

This plant came originally from the Asian Collections where it had languished in low light for years until Pat took pity on it and dug it for relocation. It's a wonderful maple but as Richard observed, when a tree only grows a couple of inches a year, it takes a long time to make changes. We decided we both hope to be around long enough to see the realization of his plans for this tree.

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MulchMaid said...

Don't you just love volunteers!? And knowledgeable ones are even better. I was thrilled with ours at Overlook House, who turned out last week to that's commitment!