Friday, April 13, 2012

Asian Collections US National Arboretum Friday April 13, 2012

Was this really Friday the 13th? Is it still? I guess so.

It was a great day in the garden. Carole and I hit the visitors with a two-pronged attack; she chased them around the north side of the collection with the irrigation, and I blew clouds of pollen into the air on the south side. Actually, I blew as little as I could and finally gave up. I was afraid my yellow clouds would encounter visitors with clothing wet from the rainbirds. That would have been bad.

On Fridays, I like to walk through the collection with a backpack on low: clear the paved areas of leaves and what not; spruce up the mondo grass near the path; generally move mess back into the middle of the beds where it's not so visible. This time of year it's really impossible. We have visitors all day, which is a good thing but I've never been one to use a blower around visitors. Next week I'll try Thursday morning first thing.

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