Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paeonia x lactiflora 'Janice'

I looked in the records and discovered that we had  received this peony in 1959. Arthur Percy , or AP Saunders, through selection and hybridization, developed a load of peony cultivars: some herbaceous, some tree peonies, and others, hybrids between the two. I have seen references to him as the "father of modern peony breeding". He did produce a lot of wonderful selections. Though he died in 1953, some of the most beautiful peonies in gardens today a Saunders products.  'Janice', certainly one of these, is a cross between Paeonia lactiflora and P. peregrina. Saunders favored peregrina.

I don't know, but I would guess that the S. Saunders listed as a source is his daughter, Silvia, who continued to work with peonies after her father's death and that's pretty cool.