Monday, October 24, 2011

Chrysanthemm rubellum 'Scheffield' appears to have participated in sexual reproduction: look at the F1's

Some philandering seems to have gone on here, though perhaps 'Scheffield' would deny it and try to blame somatic mutations for all this variation. Anything's possible but the long odds favor accidental cross pollenation. The planting is in the National Bonsai Museum and there are always itinerant mums ready to take advantage of the perennial planting. The cultivar 'Scheffield' is typically the light peachy color of the plants in the bottom right of the bottom picture.

I'm interested in C. rubellum selections and have accumulated a handful of named cultivars. Floristically, at least three of them are essentially identical to the top three pictures.

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College Gardener said...

These are all beautiful. I love 'Sheffield' but the red and pink-flowered crosses/mutations might be even cooler, especially if they are as floriferous.