Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"and the garden came to her, a displaced city girl.
She saw beauty in work and gratitude in mourning.
She rubbed her hands together and looked at the sky.
The dragon horticulture squatted on her back."

These are the last four lines of today's offering on Poetry Daily, The Previous Tenants by Rodney Jones. "The dragon horticulture" is...well, a wonderful phrase. I've met with thousands of new gardeners, well over 1,000 anyway, and the phrase certainly captures their fears.

As for the poem, I liked it a lot. It's complex and not always pleasant, but it reflects a level of insightful perception that is very impressive. I'll definitely reread it; actually it's one of too few works of poetry offered as an ebook. I just bought it on my Kindle.

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