Thursday, September 1, 2011

Loropetalum Zhuzhou Fuchsia

We've had plenty of rain over the past few weeks following a dry dry summer. As often happens in that circumstance, some trees and shrubs have forced out exaggeratedly large and colorful shoots to adorn plants whose foliage is, otherwise, faded, green, and generally sad looking. Japanese Maples have quite a tendency to push these oddly incongruous shoots. The Loropetalums are going a step farther; they're flowering sporadically. They do do this; it's one of their assets. You're apt to see the odd flower anytime from, usually, late fall through winter and into spring when the main floral display happens. It's a fun little bonus.


MulchMaid said...

Gorgeous color! My Loropetalum is actually looking far happier now than it did at the beginning of summer, with more fresh purple color but no blooms - or big shoots. I expect it's because we've had essentially no rain for two months...heavenly for Portlanders but harder on the garden (and the gardeners.)

ChrisU said...

Don't you get to a point where you can't even listen to weather reporting. In the middle of a drought I still hear how great it is that we won't have rain again this weekend. Aghhh.