Friday, September 2, 2011

Amanda came by today for a quick visit

While there's already a big difference between walking a garden as a visitor or the gardener; it's a curiouser thing still, visiting a garden where you once worked but don't anymore.

In town for a yachting vacation Amanda visited the Asian Collections with her sister and boyfriend. Along with Pat, we walked the whole collection and Amanda seemed happy with the state of things. We're doing our best. At one time or another Amanda had persuaded both of them to volunteer. This past summer Amanda and her sister pruned a vicious rose in China Valley. This morning we revisited the rose ('Fortune's Double Yellow') and the other areas they'd worked on and despite the stern postures and serious expressions, everything was deemed satisfactory. Now she can go home and make those 800?! terrariums knowing that Nathan, Carole, and I are taking care of business.

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