Monday, March 7, 2011

Primula sibthorpii from Azerbaijan

I posted this on March 13 last year. Look how it's grown! I have to say, all Primroses don't improve through time hereabouts. Actually it's quite rare for a Primula that isn't outrageously pampered to improve from one year to the next. This plant has more than doubled in 51 weeks.

You wouldn't think this a great site for Primroses; most of them don't like to be dry but we tend not to run the irrigation here because this is the top of a line that reaches down into Asian Valley. The Valley stays wet so we often pass on running this section; that means that this plant spent last summer, hot and humid, in a mostly dry condition. It's a tough little bugger, and Stefan did say he collected it from a dry area.

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