Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anemone keiskiana, Coptis japonica, and Asarum splendens......

We found some interesting plants flowering under the leaves when we cleaned up bed J-2 in the Japanese Woodland today. Anemone keiskiana is a beautiful little ground-covering perennial. White Anemone sylvestris type flowers are made much more attractive by the interestingly mottled leaves.

Coptis japonica is small and cheery but seemed sort of lost in the vast monotony of the late-winter forest floor. It's pretty though. I remember seeing a native Coptis at Bear Meadows in Pennsylvania with Joan and Hannah. I don't think we even looked for seed; Joan told us it was impossible here because of our hot summers. Like so many nice plants. This asian species works though.

Asarum splendens is entering the mainstream as a groundcover or shade perennial. I would observe that though it is beautiful and I love it, it moves constantly and relentlessly once established. At first this is great. Later less so. The flowers are excellent!

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