Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Amanda and I finished a trail widening project we'd begun yesterday

The path to the Pagoda from the road has always narrowed inexplicably just past where the path to the lower Valley Overlook branches off. Twenty years it's bothered me and I couldn't take it any more. Yesterday we dug the Carex morrowi var. temnolepis, that had been on the corner and moved it. {Parenthetically, I wonder if this is the same plant to which Barry Yinger later gave the cultivar name 'Silk Tassel'?}. I dug quantities of the Deutizia gracilis 'Nikko' and didn't come up with any place to move it. Today we removed the edging stones, cut into the hill about a foot and a half, dug a mini-footer, added CR-6?, tamped it, relaid the edgers, retamped, and finally laid down a top layer of stone. We'll let the Deutiza flower this spring and then cut it back. Right now some of the plants that were partially cut back look awkward but they'll do for now.

Another thing that's always bothered me is the way the paved path from China Valley was almost 3" higher than the path to the Pagoda; we fixed that too!

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